Applied Concepts in Vision Therapy 2.0

I’m quite pleased with the way Applied Concepts in Vision Therapy 2.0 (ACiVT 2.0) turned out. Hadn’t actually seen the completed version until it arrived at the OEPF exhibit table in Columbus at the COVD meeting. It is decidedly different seeing each chapter individually, after reviewing and editing the work of 54 authors, versus holding the final product in hand.

ACiVT 2.0 is a substantial book in size and scope, three years in the making. At 538 large sized pages, attendees taking their copy home kept it in their carry-on bag due to its considerable weight. But the editors and authors trust that it carries weight for another reason. In the photo above I placed it next to Benjamin Ehrlich’s wonderful new book about Santiago Ramón Y Cajal for two reasons. One is the size comparison, but that might appear superficial. The deeper comparison is something that Ehrlich wrote about oral and written tests that Cajal was forced to take in front of a tribunal, called Oposciones: “The format was artificial; none of the exercises resembled actual medical practice.” The goal of ACiVT 2.0 remains as a format that is very real-world, reflective of optometric practice. At the same time as it is a compendium of therapy and procedures, serving as a trusted companion to students and experienced practitioners alike, we trust that it will continue to be an invaluable resources for FCOVD and COVT candidates as they prepare for certification examinations.

The cover design is intended to convey the expanse of ACiVT 2.0. Aside from the content, which updates all of the original chapters, ACiVT 2.0 has added new material on optometric phototherapy, primitive reflexes, the binocular approach to amblyopia, technology, care of special needs populations, multisensory care, collaborating with other professions, and visual disability law. Hence the cover depicts the eye as spreading into the multiverse that comprises the visual system. Compared to the original edition, we’ve ventured out a bit further into the optometric cosmos. We’ve endeavored to make the book visually pleasing as an aid to reading, with each section color-coded: Section 1 with purple tones, Section 2 in blue, Section 3 in green and Section 4 in brown, keyed to chapter headings, Tables, Charts, and figure legends.

One of my greatest joys in the profession has been the countless individuals who have told me how indispensable the original edition of ACiVT has been to them. As good as ACiVT 2.0 is there may be some readers who will continue to find value in the original edition, particularly the e-Reader version online in the Apple Store, or the Kindle version via Amazon. The e-Reader version of the original has blogs that I wrote at the end of each chapter in 2017 to update the original. There are no plans at present to have ACiVT 2.0 available in an electronic version.

In any event, thanks again for all the interest in and support of ACiVT 2.0. I hope that you will be as delighted in reading it as the authors were in putting it together.

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