More Information on Convergence Insufficiency

žCITT Study – Archives of Ophthalmology

žNear point of Convergence Normative Data Research – Journal of Vision Science

The Convergence Insufficiency Infographic

The Convergence Insufficiency Infographic Video

CI: The Private Eye Goes Public – Part 1

CI: The Private Eye Goes Public – Part 2

CI:ThePrivate Eye Goes Public -Part 3…who’s looking out for the kids?

CI: The Private Eye Goes Public – Part 4

CI: The Private Eye Goes Public – Part 5

Measuring ADHD behaviors in children with symptomatic accommodative dysfunction or convergence insufficiency

All Topics on VisionHelpBlog on CI

AOA –Penlight Red/Green (PLRG) Procedure For Screening of  Convergence

žCollege of Optometrists in Vision Development

5 thoughts on “More Information on Convergence Insufficiency

  1. thanks….on the version I received you had to first double click on the animal picture at the bottom of the post, and then the blog re-opened with the “videopress” logo in place. Single clicking did not do it, which is what I had tried on all of the links/images in the post before writing. Is this how it is supposed to work, or is there a problem with the way my computer received it?

  2. Does anyone know of public awareness groups? I am trying to find out how to start one to get the public and schools more informed of the problems. Our son has Convergence insufficiency and struggles everyday with it. We have started Vision Therapy and would like to get the public to be more aware.

    • Thank you Richard for your interest in serving as an advocate for children that struggle with vision related learning problems like Convergence Insufficiency. The more that parents are willing to step forward and speak out, the fewer children who will have to suffer needlessly with these type of treatable vision problems.

      Yes, there are two important public awareness groups that are platforms to help get your voice heard. They are:

      Sovoto: The Vision Advocacy Network –

      The COVD Facebook Group:!/groups/covdgroup/

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