COVD 51st Annual Meeting

The 51st Annual COVD meeting, our first in-person event since 2019, has been a phenomenal success! Beginning with a packed room on Wednesday at the VDR symposium featuring Wendy B. Rosen, M.Ed. presenting on Perspectives on Vision and Learning in the Educational System, the sessions were phenomenal. Admittedly biased, one of my favorite was Incorporating Sensorimotor Concepts in Vision Therapy by Patti Andrich, an OT who is a COVT in practice with her husband, Dr. Alex Anrdich, an FCOVD in Ohio. Patti presented on the synergy between Skeffington’s concepts and the sensory integration approach pioneered by A. Jean Ayres, an OT with a PhD in psychology.

An amazing job earlier in the day by Dr. Kavita Malhotra and Julie Petteruto, COVT, on Vision Therapy/Rehabilitation and Executive Function Skills. They originally met online during the early days of COVID when Robert Nurisio, COVT established the Remote Vision Therapy Forum on facebook that Julie took over. A beautifully delivered and incredibly useful presentation loaded with concepts and procedures!

Another impactful presentation was turned in by the neurosurgeon Jamshid Ghajar, MD, PHD, FACS. His topic was The Eyes Have It: Modern Diagnosis & Treatment of Concussion using Advanced AR/VR platforms. He is based at Stanford, and it was refreshing to hear about his collaboration with our colleagues in California. You can learn more about his company’s next gen neurotechnology here.

Even the exhibit hall was jam packed and informative. An admitted bias on my end was the sheer delight in signing copies of the newly released Applied Concepts in Vision Therapy 2.0. Two outstanding chapters, one by Dr. Jennifer Simonson on Principles of Vision Therapy, and another by Patti Andrich, COVT on Primitive Reflexes, featured material presented in their courses at this meeting.

In the dedication of the book, I expressed my appreciation for the very special collection of colleagues and friends that constitute the VisionHelp Group (VHG) as well as to Miriam and Dan. What a joy it has been to be able to get together and celebrate collective accomplishments as well as making new memories.

6 thoughts on “COVD 51st Annual Meeting

  1. Now the big question is…….how do I get a signed copy of your fantastic new book, Len? ;-)))
    Congratulation to your birthday! Must have been awesome with all friends at COVD. Take care. Josef

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