What is VisionHelp?

VisionHelp represents a group of leading Optometric vision specialists in the U.S. who serve to provide greater awareness and understanding of the science and best practices for training the visual brain. VisionHelp consists of University Professors, past presidents of national and state associations and authors of professional publications on various aspects of vision treatment and vision therapy. Our mission is advocacy to eliminate the senseless struggle through better vision for humankind.

6 thoughts on “What is VisionHelp?

  1. I work volunteer at charter school in Davidson, NC (Community School of Davidson. I am trying to obtain funding for vision therapy for underprivileged children who have been diagnosed needing this service. I am in the process of contacting the local Lions Club. Do you know of any other agency that would be of assistance. Thanks

    Hollis Adams

  2. This is an important question and the answer will vary from state to state. But, from our experience, the Lions are an excellent place to begin. Our experience has found that while most local Clubs do not have a budget sizable to support a complete vision therapy treatment plan, there are often Lions Foundations in each state that serve to fund costly medical procedures for those who have a financial hardship or are under insured. Each local Lions Club will usually know of a representative from the State Foundation within the respective state for making contact. Or you can contact Lions International http://lionsclubs.org/EN/our-work/sight-programs/assistance-requests.php

  3. How do I get to the power point presentation that Dr. Press provided during his recent seminar which I attended? I did not copy the addresss properly.
    Kathleen Ressler

  4. I am helping to start the incorporation of vision therapy into an optometry practice. What are the limitations or requirements to developing/putting together training manuals for testing and vision therapy procedures for a new vision therapy department?

  5. As a young child, I was a struggling C student until I went through vision therapy. I probably never would have become a high honors Ivy League graduate or a Doctor, had my own father not been one of those few Doctors of Optometry who practiced a functional, habilitative approach to vision care. I applaud you efforts to spread the hopeful message that vision, the deriving of meaning and directing of action based on our light sense, is a profound and complex learned ability, and can be stimulated to further development at any age, even in the face of severe trauma and other impediments. The human neural plasticity is a marvelous gift of this life, and developmental optometry has a rich history of experience in nurturing this dominant and emergent function of human neuro-psychophysiology. Kudos to all, and keep up the good work making the future a brighter place, one patient at a time. It is work that takes tremendous heart, caring for each individual’s unique set of abilities and challenges.

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