Dr. Eric Singman: A true unifier in the rehabilitation world!

Had the pleasure of blogging about Dr. Singman a couple of years ago (https://visionhelp.wordpress.com/2016/01/12/neuro-ophthalmology-and-mtbi/) and glad to see this new piece by Dr. Quaid on his collaboration.


An introduction for Eric Singman, MD, PhD (Neuro-Ophthalmologist), upcoming speaker at the COVD 2019 Annual Meeting. Join us for his presentation of  “A Neuro-ophthalmology Perspective of Concussion and Neuro-visual Rehabilitation” next April in Kansas City, Missouri!

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By: Patrick Quaid, MCOptom, FCOVD, PhD

Let me introduce you to one of the most intelligent–yet one of the most humble–people I have ever met: Dr. Eric Singman. He is a true scholar and gentleman, who I am proud to also call a friend and trusted colleague. Dr. Singman follows where the research evidence leads, but (more importantly) he has a razor-sharp clinical acumen and a keen eye (excuse the pun) for therapy approaches that “just make sense”. He has no political agendas other than “just fix the patient,” and openly supports optometric vision therapy[1][2].

Eric and I met through a mutual occupational therapy colleague over six years ago (Elizabeth…

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