The Significance of Mentoring

Irwin Suchoff & Patty Lemer

You may recall a piece I wrote back in the summer about the significance of mentoring, citing the importance of staying in touch with one’s influences.  The principal of that blog was Dr. Irwin Suchoff, and Patty Lemer did me one better than picking up the phone by going to Woodstock, GA where Irwin now resides in a “heimeshe” environment with other senior citizens.  It is so fitting that Irwin lives in a town by the name of Woodstock, given that he was one of several people who talked Max Yasgur into lending his farm to a special music festival in 1969.  Patty shared this wonderful photo on her Facebook page, in tribute to her friend and mentor.

The beauty of mentoring is that each of us has been the beneficiary, whether through formal or informal arrangement.  By informal I mean the role modeling that we do of others merely by observation.  Our collective wisdom is accrued consciously or subconsciously through a Tribe of Mentors.  I’m reminded of this by a great new read from Tim Ferris on the subject.


If you don’t have the time or patience for the book, which really is an easy and valuable read based on the identical set of 11 questions posed to more than 100 people in Ferriss’s wheelhouse from whom he received responses, here is a podcast series of chats from Tim regarding the Tribe of Mentors.  Patty and I, among many others, consider ourselves very fortunate to have Irwin as a mentor.  The best way we can honor that privilege is to pay it forward by serving as effective mentors to others.  Do you participate in prospective optometry students shadowing in your practice?  Do you participate in externships or residencies?  Are you or can you be an effective mentor to an optometrist or therapist aspiring to certification?  Are you a parent who can guide other parents?  Be one of the tribe.

3 thoughts on “The Significance of Mentoring

  1. Dear Lenny,

    Thanks so much for your kind comments. Patti and I hadn’t seen each other for at least 4 years, so the reunion was great. We discussed the old days when she, Lynn Hellerstein and I did a dog and pony show at least several times and did some gossiping.

    Please know that I loved being a mentor and often get the fruits of that labor of love. Thanks for all you do and to the people who commented on this blog.


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