Timeless Encyclopedic Knowledge

RamaI suspect you may be familiar with Professor V.S. Ramachandran.  He has delivered talks at major optometric meetings including COVD, ICBO, and NORA.  I finally gave in and bought myself a gift:  the four volume set of Encyclopedia of the Human Brain for which “Rama” served as Editor-in-Chief.  Although published in 2002, it contains considerable information about vision that is still timely.  Go to Amazon, and you’ll see that this gem lists for $2,125, with a – shall we say modest reduction to the price of $2,018.  Nor is the Kindle price at $1,620 much of a bargain.  But you can go to the Amazon marketplace and get a set in new condition for the more reasonable price of $300.  You can get a glimpse of this work by looking inside the Kindle edition.  As you read through a work of this nature, visual thoughts will crystallize.

OM Functions & NeurologyAs fast as information about the human brain and vision changes due to technological advances in imaging, there is still a wealth of information accessible through the Internet that remains timely.  Another jewel is this open source download on Oculomotor Functions & Neurology assembled by Douglas Horner, O.D., Ph.D., based on course notes written by Clifton Schor, O.D., Ph.D.  In this day and age, it is easier than ever to have encyclopedic knowledge about vision.  All you need is an hour of sacrosanct time every morning to digest this information over a cup of coffee prepared by your favorite barista.  Curl up with Rama’s Encyclopedia, and the time will rush by …


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