Richman Festschrift Photo Gallery

The photo gallery on the COVD website provides the opportunity to preserve a special evening in Toronto during which we were able to honor the lifetime contributions of Dr. Jack Richman to our field through a Festschrift.

The live presenters highlighting Jack’s contributions were Dr. Paul Freeman (on Mentoring), Dr. Leonard Press (on Broken Wheel and Richman Face Dot Tests), Dr. Celia Hinrichs (on Automaticity and the DEM Test), Dr. Maria Richman (on Traumatic Brain Injury) and Dr. Harvey Richman (on Law Enforcement).


Pre-recorded video vignettes featured tributes from Bernell’s Chris Andrews, Sgt. Don Decker, Dr. Neera Kapoor, Dr. John Tassinari, Dr. Glen Steele, and Dr. Mitch Scheiman, following which Dr. Richman shared personal reflections on the arc of his career.

One thought on “Richman Festschrift Photo Gallery

  1. Congratulations, Jack. You are one of the giants in our field. Through you, many, many patients have been helped.
    Warmest regards,
    Beth Bazin

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