Contributing to the French Translation of Fixing My Gaze

Five years ago, I blogged the work of Michael Lievens in translating Sue Barry’s Fixing My Gaze into Dutch. That was successfully accomplished, and now Michael has turned his attention to translating this groundbreaking book into French so that thousands more people can become aware of the substance behind optometric vision therapy.

The video above describes the scope of the project, with the first 3:39 in English and the balance in French. But in any language, Michael needs your help tout de suite to move the effort along. I donated to the campaign for the Dutch version, and did so again as soon as I found out about the proposed French translation. I’m hoping that you will join me in enabling Michael to achieve his goal. Please go to his Indiegogo page now, and consider donating to whatever extent you can. And please share this information with others who you think may be interested in spreading awareness about optometric vision therapy. Michael, Sue, and I thank you in advance for your help and support!

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