Dr. David Cook With Koncrete Thoughts on Vision

You’ll need two hours and twenty five minutes to make it though this podcast, but it will be well worth your time. Don’t be fooled by the seven second heavy metal introduction. The podcast host is excellent in shaping the discussion, and Dr. Cook does his usual masterful job in waxing poetic about vision through his streams of consciousness. While the video will be most enlightening to the general public, I suspect that nearly anyone listening to it will find it informative if not entertaining.

Here is an outline with the video time stamps:

0:00 – Introduction

4:02 – What is Vision?

5:05 – Neuroplasticity

7:50 – Using vision to improve Intelligence

13:44 – Dyslexia

22:51 – Technology is making the world ‘near-sighted’

37:47 – Binocular vision

46:17 – 3D vision in super athletes

1:03:14 – Vision & personality

1:12:56 – Knowledge by experience VS acquaintance

1:20:08 – Eye games

1:33:05 – Protocols to improve reading skills

1:41:50 – How language changes perception

1:48:07 – Picasso & Rembrandt were stereo blind

1:55:59 – Color blindness

2:00:45 – Daily protocols to enhance small vision (Deep Winks)

2:05:16 – Daily protocols to enhance big vision (3D)

2:16:06 – The shape of the sky

2:20:39 – How seeing changes thinking

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