Profectum Seminar on Visual-Spatial Features Developmental Optometrist Dr. Mehrnaz Green

You may recall the name “Profectum” as the publisher of the magnum opus that Dr. Harry Wachs co-authored with Dr. Serena Wieder, Visual Spatial Portals to Thinking, Feeling and Movement. Mehrnaz (Mehry) Azimi Green, O.D,, FCOVD (pictured her on your right) along with Dr. Amanda Zeller Manley have continued and extended his pioneering work.


Nine year ago I had the pleasure of speaking at the annual Profectum DIR conference (see here), and it is a marvelous opportunity to see developmental optometry positioned within a phenomenal multidisciplinary context. On January 29 and February 5 you can have the treat of watching via Zoom as Dr. Green presents at the DIR International Conference, this year dedicated entirely to Visual-Spatial Processing.

The Conference will also feature a special presentation by Temple Grandin, Ph.D. (and who can ever forget the front row interaction between Harry Wachs and Temple Grandin at the COVD meeting oh those many years ago?!).

Here is the complete conference brochure for information including registration.

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