Myopia in the Atlantic (Magazine)

An article in this month’s The Atlantic caught my eye while browsing mags in B & N. It’s nice to see this type of information oriented to the public, with considerable input from Optometry. Have a look:

3 thoughts on “Myopia in the Atlantic (Magazine)

  1. Len,

            Thank you – an exceptional article for the public. On the other hand, the NY Times had a piece on Sunday like the piece from a few months ago in TIME. I responded to this one also, but I am confident that nothing will come of it. The new phonics will cure all reading problems and children should be made to read at their grade level, not their reading level, because they are being deprived of information.  
  2. Science once told us that Myopia was genetic. Because science is a work in progress, scientific studies typically contain caveats such as “may” or “suggest.” You always know when you have left science to enter the world of persuasion. The caveats have been removed, as they were removed in the CITT-ART reading conclusion.

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