Digital Reading from an Optometrist’s Perspective

From one of my favorite “off the beaten path” publications, Points De Vue (and I say that fondly) comes the first part of a scheduled three part series on differences in reading between digital and hard print copy. You can access the pdf of that article here. Part 1 of the was published in July, 2021, but it does not appear that Part 2 has been published as of yet.

Some key points from Part 1 of the article are as follows:

  • COVID-19 greatly increased the trend toward spending considerable continuous time on digital devices.
  • Studies have suggested that excessive use of digital devices can impede performance
  • Reduced performance may be linked to depleted accommodative/vergence, ocular motor and cognitive resources
  • A causal relationship between visual anomalies and poor reading abilities has long been established
  • There is some evidence that reading and cognitive performance is worse in the digital format
  • Disparities may exist in terms of postural, cognitive and visual changes caused by different formats

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