VHG and the Myopia Clinical Decision Tree

It was wonderful to be able to get together again in person last week after missing our annual VisionHelp Group gathering in 2020, relegated to Zoom due to the disruption of COVID. The scenic setting of Scottsdale’s Westin Kierland Hotel afforded an expansive view to get our creative clinical and management juices flowing.

Two of the visionaries we learned from were Drs. Carole Hong and Noah Tannen who capably held our attention during the final phase of our meeting with their presentation on Myopia Control. They presented a newly updated slide from Dr. Kate Gifford, a clinical optometrist, researcher, peer educator and professional leader from Brisbane, Australia, and a co-founder of Myopia Profile.

All too often, as Drs. Hong and Tannen noted, binocular vision status is not taken into consideration in contemporary considerations about myopia management at the primary care level. Dr. Hong noted that the slide above squarely positions BV as part of the clinical decision tree, and Dr. Tannen advised that he co-manages cases needing prism and/or VT with a local doctor who actively engages in dilute atropine therapy, spectacle lens, and contact lens design. All of these approaches, in addition to advising the patient to maximize opportunities for being outdoors, can be synergistic.

ADDENDUM: Dr. Hong provided this useful reference from Dr. Gifford: https://www.myopiaprofile.com/why-binocular-vision-matters-in-myopia-management/

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