The Mansion of Sedona and a Patent-Holder for LASIK Corneal Reshaping Surgery

I’m looking forward to our upcoming annual VHG meeting, relegated to Zoom last year due to COVID, preceded this year by a side trip to Sedona with our friends and colleagues, the Draisins and Ettings.

In the course of touring, we passed by a mansion which the guide off-handedly mentioned was owned by a doctor who had something to do with laser eye surgery. Our curiosity amply piqued, we Goggled to find that the mansion’s owner is Dr. Ioan Cosmescu. Here is a shot of the property’s entrance as you motor up Chapel Road:

If you look online, and you’ll find breathtaking views of the mansion as seen from above.

The gazebo seen here is mindful of the one that graces the courtyard of the Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University.

I doubt Dr. Cosmescu is familiar with Salus, yet alone its gazebo. I could not locate any information online as to what his doctorate is in. What we do know is that Dr. Cosmescu and his wife Elena emigrated from Soviet-dominated Romania to the Phoenix, Arizona area in 1983. Online information about him states that he’s been at the forefront of advances in surgical practice, and holds numerous patents. But I couldn’t find an independent source that attributes the introduction of the laser involved in the LASIK procedure linked to Dr. Comescu. [The origin story of the laser is a fascinating one, and revolves around Thanksgiving turkey (see here).]

Having benefitted from LASIK 29 years ago, I’m indebted to Dr. Cosmescu if he did play a role in its development. And even if he didn’t, it makes for a great story in the hills of Sedona.

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