Introducing the new VisionHelp Strabismus Library

It is with great pleasure to announce the launch of the latest VisionHelp initiative, the brand new VisionHelp Strabismus Library.

This new site brings together a compendium of content that includes Videos, Presentations, Books, Research and much more, dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of Strabismus. This was created as a place for advanced understanding of strabismus, consolidated into an organized and easily accessible location. Many thanks to the VisionHelp Strabismus project Chairperson, Dr. Katie Davis and project team members Dr. Len Press and Dr. Nancy Torgerson.

The VisionHelp Strabismus Library, which provides a resource for public and professional understanding of a serious binocular vision problem that affects millions of people worldwide, comes as the fourth in a list of initiatives that began first with the VisionHelp Concussion Project, followed by the VisionHelp Amblyopia Project, followed by the VisionHelp Vision and Learning Project. 

In addition, as one more step to further improve and streamline the entire collection, the VisionHelp Group has consolidated these initiatives, each into their own Library and housed them in the newly designed VisionHelp website

Therefore, on behalf of the Mission of the VisionHelp Group, we hope you will join with us and share this collaboration of content to help end the senseless struggle due to developmental and rehabilitation vision problems.

Dan L. Fortenbacher, O.D. FCOVD

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