VDR Issue on Telehealth and Vision Therapy

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The newly released summer issue of Vision Development & Rehabilitation is a special theme issue on Telehealth and Vision Therapy.  Although a handful of practices have engaged in remote vision therapy in recent years, the Covid-19 pandemic accentuated the need for therapy practices to become more proficient in telehealth options.  As practices closed in accordance with state executive orders, social media sprang into action to share how VTODs were maintaining contact with vision therapy patients at a distance.  A serious telehealth movement was born, and we envisioned that a special issue would not only help share ideas, but serve as an historic issue to mark a unique crossroad in our lifetime.

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When I heard Dr. Nancy Torgerson deliver her presentation on telehealth during the first week of the iheartVT program in April, I sensed that this would be the perfect centerpiece around which we could build an issue.  The team effort at AVTC was remarkable, insightful, and inspirational!  In addition to targeting several ODs who were active in telehealth, we put out a call for papers on the Remote VT Facebook Forum.  The response was gratifying, and what appears in the issue is a testament to the authors in submitting and revising their manuscripts in a timely manner to allow for publication.  Although more manuscripts were submitted than could be accommodated, we encourage you to read each of them as they all reflect considerable thought.  Much gratitude is also due to Ms. Katie Kirschner, Dr. David Maze, and Robert Nurisio, COVT, for their dedication to this project.

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