Leaping Into Technology – Part One

Robert Nurisio, COVT, is doing a marvelous job of blogging in real-time to keep up with the challenges of helping VT patients maintain if not extend their visual gains.

VT Works

Ready or not – Vision Therapy by wire is here.

There has been a TON of options floated in the last two days for seeing patients remotely. For ease of access, I’m going to do my best to share some of them here. Before reading on, please be aware of TWO facts:

FIRST – Currently, the Department of Health and Human Services has relaxed HIPPA regulations concerning telemedicine. The relaxing of these rules allows for many platforms to be used for patient contact. This is temporary. When the guidelines are returned to full strength, please do your research as to which platforms meet both HIPPA standards as well those in your particular state.

SECOND – I have no affiliation with, financial interest in, or connection to anything named below. I recognize some companies may be in competition with each other or offer similar products; however, my goal is to…

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