The First Annual PCO Three Amigos COVD Reunion

PCO Salus Photo

By way of background:  Michael Gallaway, O.D. came to The Eye Institute of the Pennsylvania College of Optometry in 1980 to be the Resident in the Pediatric Unit and I has the distinct pleasure as serving as his supervisor/mentor.  He subsequently stayed on staff at the College, with which he has remained affiliated to this day.  Barry Tannen, O.D. graduated PCO in 1982, and was our student in the clinic during my last year at PCO.  The three of us remained in alignment in many professional circles, establishing practices with an emphasis in vision therapy in New Jersey.

Traci-Lin Goddin was so moved by her work as a vision therapist in my practice that she decided to become an optometrist and is now in her third year at PCO/Salus where she is President of the student COVD club.  Modeled after the roundtable discussions we had in our practice, she decided that it would be inspirational for the students and residents to have Drs. Gallaway, Tannen and me reunite for a roundtable presentation to the Club last night.


And so we did!  Dr. Gallaway led the way with discussion about convergence insufficiency; Dr. Tannen addressed concussion; and I covered adult strabismus.  After a short introduction to each topic, we sat down for a roundtable discussion at a rectangular table.

IMG_3082 (1)

Attendees had superb questions, and one that generated much nostalgia for us was what influenced us to go into optometric vision therapy in the first place.  Dr. Tannen recalled how hard he had to work at reading as a student before attending PCO, and was referred for vision therapy after being evaluated during his first year with a significant convergence insufficiency … I was fortunate to be the doctor who did therapy with him, and the rest is history!


Many thanks to the students and residents who attended, as well as Dr. Ruth Shoge, Chief of the Pediatric Unit at The Eye Institute.  A special thanks again to Traci-Lin Goddin for organizing the event, as well as to the officers and representatives of the COVD club:

Vice President – Colin Kane
Treasurer – Veronica Gonzalez
Secretary – Kyle Thompson
Events Manager – Taylor Hall
First Year Representative – Amber Wiggins
Second Year Representative- Meron Fitta

4 thoughts on “The First Annual PCO Three Amigos COVD Reunion

  1. What a great educational opportunity for students. It should be a format for other optometric institutions to utilize as a method for sharing knowledge in the area of behavioral/functional vision. As you are aware a classroom oriented lecture is the worse method to convey information while a panel discussion with active audience participation can enhance the absorption of new knowledge. Great story and only the best for the three AMIGOS in the future


    PS I wonder how many behavioral/functional optometrists were inspired by their own struggles with an undiagnosed binocular dysfunction. I, personally, know that my convergence insufficiency was one of my reasons for being so passionate about vision therapy and its impact on my life and the lives of my patients

  2. What a wonderful idea. I am sure the students learned a lot from the three of you!! Love seeing my former employee, Amber Wiggins, up front and center. She is a wonderful person and is going to be a fabulous optometrist!

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