Clear About Vision


Each year for our VisionHelp Group meeting we select a book on which we focus, and this year it was Atomic Habits by James Clear, who on page 84 has this to say about vision:  “The most powerful of all human sensory abilities, however, is vision.  The human body has about eleven million s sensory receptors.  Approximately ten million of those are dedicated to sight.  Some experts estimate that half of the brain’s resources are used on vision.  Given that we are more dependent on vision than on any other sense, it should come as no surprise that visual cues are the greatest catalyst of our behavior.”

Many thanks to our gracious hosts for this year’s meeting, Melissa and Carl Hillier.  Dan Fortenbacher once again did a masterful job keeping our meeting organized and on point.

Dan F & Carl in SD

We covered a wide range of topics, revisiting items addressed on our VisionHelp website,  as well as probing the latest technologies including eye movement analysis as related to vestibular function.


We always say that in meetings of this nature, as much valuable information is shared in between sessions as during sessions.  Our yearly gathering is enhanced by the fact that we genuinely care about and for one another, as much as we do about our chosen field.  We look forward to continuing to help expand the horizons of vision.





VHG San Diego Group Photo

2 thoughts on “Clear About Vision

  1. Great post This book is be a must read for all. The impact of habits on our behavior as well as our patient’s behavior is important in every ones lives. Our subconscious also plays a critical role in our daily decision making. AND finally, it is helpful to move outside of our optometric silo of knowledge and explore other disciplines inter-related world of information. Just some thoughts related to this topic.


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