Gloria Suchoff, May She Rest in Peace

Gloria Suchoff 2

Many of you reading this will have known Gloria Suchoff through her husband, Irwin, who we lost last year.  As Shelly Mozlin expressed so beautifully at the time, Irwin excelled at building relationships with an incredible network of people.  As is so often the case, the “person behind the scenes” was the comparatively quiet and unassuming Gloria Suchoff, an incredibly supportive spouse, mother, and grandmother.  I was therefore saddened when I receive word from their son, Andrew, this morning that Gloria had passed away.

Glory days had passed them by, and there was pain toward the end as there too often is, but the Suchoffs remained a dedicated couple.  Because Gloria never sought the limelight, you won’t find much about her by searching online.  What you will note if you search is a profile assembled by MyLife, in which they post an “Approximate Reputation Score”.

Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at 11.17.12 AM

I’m sure there’s some standard algorithm these services use, but their approximation is way off.  For the record, there are few people more deserving of a 5/5 than she.  May fond memories of her be comforting to the Suchoff and Nietman families, and may Gloria and Irwin re-unite in a spiritual way that continues to inspire us as they had in their lifetimes.


Gloria Suchoff 3

8 thoughts on “Gloria Suchoff, May She Rest in Peace

  1. Sad news it is, but always important to remember those who taught us so much and shared so much. They were both a part of our optometric family, and will be missed. Baruch dayan ha’emet.

  2. Irwin was always so happy whenever he talked about the love of his life, his beloved Gloria. Beautiful words, Len ! Thinking about the two of them re-united in a spiritual way is not only inspirational, it is aspirational !

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