Prism, Fixation Disparity, and Hoya EyeGenius

Early last year, Hoya introduced its EyeGenius examination platform for the measurement of fixation disparity to facilitate prescribing of prism.

The research behind EyeGenius was published in the Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences in 2017 – HOYA EYEGENIUS®: NEW METHOD FOR MEASURING AND CORRECTING FIXATION DISPARITY.

On my consulting practice website, I have a resource page that includes references to key articles about prism.  One of the articles, Effects of Prism Eyeglasses on Objective and Subjective Fixation Disparity, is co-authored by researchers from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland (Schroth and Joos), with whom Hoya collaborated to develop the EyeGenius program, as well as the Leibniz Research Centre of Working Environment and Human Factors in Germany (Jaschinski).

Elements of the Hoya EyeGenius are available through the system I now use, referenced in a blog we did last week.  The test charts were originally designed by Hans-Joachim Haase as part of the Polatest, referred to as MKH or MCH (Measuring/Correcting/Haase) manufactured by Zeiss, and have been used in Germany, Switzerland and Scandanavia for prism prescribing.


As described on their website, the International Association for Binocular Vision (IVBS) is an association registered in Switzerland, in which members of different professional groups work together on an interdisciplinary basis towards the goal of achieving optimum vision. These include ophthalmologists, optometrists, ophthalmic opticians, orthoptists, speech therapists, school psychologists, teachers and others.  The stated goal of IVBS is to incorporate new scientific knowledge into the Rxing of prism.

screen shot 2019-01-08 at 4.57.13 pm


The logo for IVBS is adapted from the stereo triangle test, one of many in the MKH suite of binocular tests that probes central and peripheral fusion.



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