Oh … M.G.


There are so many intriguing elements to Dr. Lisa Sanders’ column in today’s New York Times’ magazine.  A 46 year-old woman with prior diagnosis of Bell’s Palsy confides in her psychiatrist that print looks smeary when she reads.  Her primary care physician figures out that she has diplopia and refers her to a neurologist.  When the CT scan and MRI come back negative, the neurologist suggests that her smeared near vision and bouts of diplopia are likely due to stress.  That didn’t make sense to the patient.  The most stressful thing in her life at that point was the fact that she couldn’t see well.

For the rest of the story, read Dr. Sanders’ column

Sanders Diplopia Image

4 thoughts on “Oh … M.G.

  1. Thank you for sharing this article. My mother was diagnosed with Myasthenia last year and we are always on the lookout for information/ guidance. Thank you for all you do for this field!

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