5 thoughts on “Dubious in Dublin

  1. Dubious indeed. Very interesting description. I get invites from several “professional” programs within the “Conference series” on a very frequent basis.

  2. On the one hand, I have heard a lot of quackery from the VT crowd in my 10 years involved, on the other hand, the VT crowd is not quick to publish… That said, I think Dr. Press, you’re being too polite here. I avoid descriptors like ‘interesting’, when a simple ‘bullshit’ is more apt to describe so-called experts who have never stepped into the waters. I’ll remind readers about the many forays into idiocy and lunacy committed by well-meaning ophthalmologists over the decades, including errors that cannot simply be rectified by a refund cheque… Sutured patches, anyone? (and so many more).

  3. As I looked at the speakers and the program, I was impressed. Many of these lectures would not be acceptable in our modern optometry schools since they are obviously based on out-dated pseudo science. I was also impressed by the obvious lack of understanding of vision, that it has neurological functional basis, and isn’t just a magical response by the eye to light.

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