Behavioral Vision Expo


What a marvelous idea announced on VTODs on Facebook this afternoon:

“Good afternoon all! My name is Vrajika Thakker and I am a third year at ICO, and the current student President of ICO OEPF.  I would like to announce ICO’s first ever Behavioral Vision Expo. ICO OEP, COVD, and NORA have all joined forces to put together this event and we couldn’t be more excited to invite you all to it! The Expo will be $15 and is open to all ICO students, alumni, faculty, neighboring ODs, and Optometry students! The fee includes admission, catered lunch, “Goodie bags”, and refreshments at the mixer.

The Behavioral Vision Expo is happening on Saturday December 1st, beginning at 1:00pm at ICO. We will begin with a Lunch and Learn in the lecture hall with Vivid Vision and GoodLite. Catering will be provided! We will then have rotations beginning at 2pm in the ICO gym. Attendees will rotate through the stations and learn about different topics and sample equipment ranging from Vision Therapy, Neuro Optometry, to Sports Vision, and more! Listed below is the line up of booths that will be set up.

Vivid Vision – Virtual Reality Vision Therapy
GoodLite – Innovative Vision Therapy equipment
Dr. Kelly Frantz – Demonstrating Vision Therapy via the VTS4 system
Dr. Leonard Messner – Speaking about Neuro-Optometry and TBI
Dr. Daniel Press – speaking about his own Vision Therapy Practice in the Chicago Suburbs
Dr. Alyssa Bartolini and colleagues from Wow Vision Therapy in Grand Rapids, MI – Speaking about Residency Programs, Externships, and their Vision Therapy programs on site
And more to be added!

*If you are interested in hosting a booth please email me at*

Following rotations the gym will then open up for a mixer for ICO students, ICO faculty, ICO alumni, and neighboring Midwest OD’s and students to network and enjoy refreshments!

Use the link below to sign up by Tuesday November 20th at midnight.

Thank you for sticking with me with such a long post!! I look forward to seeing many of you at the event. Please feel free to email me at with any questions, concerns, and suggestions since this is our first year holding this event (or message me here on Facebook!)”


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