New VisionHelp video…life changing moments in a private practice vision therapy extern/residency site

A life changing moment that shapes your path is something that you will always remember. For me it was when I was a 4th year Extern and faced with treating a child with strabismus and amblyopia. Not only did that experience with a special patient help me realize my direction, but it was the Doctor who was my Clinical Supervisor in this off-campus site that helped mentor me to find the best treatment strategies and a sense of purpose and passion in patient care for the future.

Dr. Rae Winters, 2017-18 Developmental Vision Therapy Resident in a VisionHelp Group private practice residency

Young aspiring Doctors of Optometry in the later stage of optometry school are often faced with choosing a path within the profession, even before they have had sufficient experiences to know, not only what challenges them intellectually, but also touches their heart. Yes, throughout the US and abroad, Colleges of Optometry have extern programs to address the important role of ocular disease management and primary eye care. This is critically important, but within academic settings of optometric education, it is often difficult to provide all students with sufficient opportunity for developmental vision and rehabilitation experiences. Many  optometry students do not have an understanding about what is available and unique about a private practice vision therapy extern or residency program.

To better to explain, the VisionHelp Group reached out to several young ODs to interview their life changing moments as a private practice vision therapy extern and/or resident. Here are their stories in this exclusive new VisionHelp video…

Now thanks to a growing number of private practice extern and residency programs in Developmental Vision and Rehabilitation throughout the US, there are more opportunities for externships and residencies that could bring those life changing moments in a young ODs career.

Dan L. Fortenbacher, O.D., FCOVD

3 thoughts on “New VisionHelp video…life changing moments in a private practice vision therapy extern/residency site

  1. Dan,
    This has the potential to help many young doctors to answer questions they have about the next step and what will my career be like.

  2. Bravo! Our future is shining bright when we have such passionate, caring young doctors stepping up to the plate to partner with us, “seniors”! Plus, it is SO gratifying to see their faces and know they will never be sorry for choosing this wonderful path in Optometry!

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