Sailing Into the Sunset

What a wonderful meeting we had this year at our annual VisionHelp gathering!  With ample opportunity for both education and socialization, the meeting is an opportunity to share information about where we are heading and to mentor younger colleagues who are following in our footsteps.

Photo Oct 13, 10 56 09 PM

On the plane during our lovely five hour journey flying East to West, I had the pleasure of reading Wisdom @ Work: The Making Of A Modern Elder.  It’s written by Chip Conley, a Stanford Business School graduate and former hotelier recruited by Airbnb to lend his boutique experience to a fledgling company.


Chip opens his first chapter, Your Vintage Is Growing in Value, with a quote from Cicero (106-43 BC): “It is not by muscle, speed, or physical dexterity that great things are achieved, but by reflection, force of character, and judgment; in these qualities old age is usually not only not poorer, but it is even richer.”  Chip goes on to say that one paradox of our time is that baby boomers enjoy better health than the seniors of previous ages, remain vibrant and stay in the workplace longer, yet feel less and less relevant.  This “irrelevancy gap”, as he calls it, has prompted many to rethink their roles and to seek environments that value the wisdom they have to pass.

It is amazing to think that as far back as 1989, Ken Dychtwald, a friend of Chip’s and one of the leading experts on the longevity revolution, suggested of the future workplace that mature men and women will be compensated not for the number of hours they work, or the number of widgets they produce, but on their experience, contacts, and wisdom.

As I take my mini-sabbatical in Arizona this month, I’m looking forward to the next phase of my career.  Functioning as a modern elder in VT, I believe that I along with my chronologically enahnced colleagues in VisionHelp will continue to demonstrate how our vintage is growing in value.




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