Podcast on the Broken Brain and Eye with Dr. Fabian Tai

Mark Hyman, M.D., is the Medical Director at Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine, and the Founder of The UltraWellness Center.  He hosts the popular Broken Brain Podcast, and Podcast #21 is Vision Therapy and the Brain with Dr. Fabian Tai.

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 9.35.41 AM

The Podcast’s host introduces the program by saying: “I consider myself someone who knows alot about the wellness world, and I had never really explored this avenue of wellness”.  He encourages listeners to leave a review on iTunes or Apple Podcasts on your iPhone.  That helps algorithms present the podcast to a larger audience.  A great suggestion!

The podcast is 84 minutes in length, and will be well worth your listening time.  Dr. Tai does an outstanding job!  As noted in Dr. Hyman’s blog, key topics within the podcast and their time stamps are:

  • Dr. Tai’s personal story (4:29)
  • Symptoms that were signs of trouble (9:16)
  • How does vision impact fight or flight? (13:25)
  • Stress on the body from not using eyes properly (14:28)
  • Vision as more than just what your eyes see (18:02)
  • What is vision therapy? (19:30)
  • Who benefits from vision therapy? (20:45)
  • Vision’s role in ADD (23:04)
  • Chronic inflammation affects brain and vision health (27:24)
  • What else can we do to heal? (31:53)
  • Being proactive in treating injuries (42:20)
  • Protocol for a few exercises (47:02)
  • Where can I find a vision therapist? (48:56)
  • Conditions that may be helped by vision therapy (52:25)
  • Vision therapy and stroke patients (55:05)
  • Reducing eye strain when on screens (1:03:45)
  • Myopia is not normal (1:07:10)
  • Would reading glasses help? (1:09:36)
  • Light sensitivity and how to help it (1:14:43)
  • Dr. Tai’s family story about the tie between gut and vision (1:16:51)
  • Where can I find out more about Dr. Tai (1:22:41)

At the end of the podcast, Fabian says that as much as listeners are welcome to fly in to be see him, he is just as interested in having people email him and his team and connecting them with providers in their area who can similarly help them.  The podcast is embedded in Dr. Hyman’s Blog, at the end of which he provides links to local vision therapy providers in the U.S. (COVD), Canada (COVT&R), the U.K. (BABO), and Europe (BOAF).

Many thanks to Dr. Tai’s Canadian colleague, Dr. Kiran Ramesh, for bringing this podcast to our attention.

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