VT & Neuro-Rehab Third Party Reimbursement


Great news!  The Board of Trustees of the American Optometric Association has approved a new document entitled “Vision Therapy and Neuro-Rehabilitation: Optometric Considerations in Third Party Reimbursement.” The document is available as an AOA member benefit, and can be found as an update on the medical records and coding page of the AOA website.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 10.33.17 PM

This document represents an updated version of a chapter on coding in the manual “How to Build a Successful Vision Therapy Practice” in the members-only section of the COVD website,  and has been merged with an updated version of the AOA Vision Therapy Fact Sheets linked to ICD-10 codes.  Key reference papers are reproduced at the end of the document.  Drs. Harvey Richman, Jason Clopton, and Richard Soden were responsible for the original coding chapter (2014), and the Fact Sheets were originally a work product of the AOA Binocular Vision Committee (2011), chaired by Dr. Gary Williams.  I worked on the new version as a member of the 2016-2017 AOA InfantSEE® & Children’s Vision Committee chaired by Dr. Glen Steele, together with Dr. Harvey Richman who did a yeoman’s job as a member of the AOA Third Party Committee chaired by Dr. Steven Eiss.  Many thanks in particular to Dr. Andrea Thau, and to the AOA volunteers and staffers who helped bring this wonderful benefit to AOA members.


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