Another Beautiful Meeting

From its rousing start, to a rousing finish, COVD’s 48th Annual Meeting was a wonderful success, culminating with this afternoon’s Awards Luncheon.


I was privileged to make the presentation to Dr. Tamara Oechslin as the lead author of VDR’s Journal Article of the Year Award for the ICITE Study on fMRI in CI.


But take note of all these special people who were acknowledged through awards today: Dr. Catherine Heyman, Dr. Ida Chung, Thomas Lecoq, Dr. Nancy Torgerson, Dr. Allen Cohen, Dr. Selwyn Super, Jennifer Mullen, and the highlight of the luncheon, the Skeffington and Getman Awards.


Deserving of special mention was the fine job done by Dr. Dominick Maino as M.C., and the video heritage tribute to Drs. Skeffington and Getman by Dr. Robin Price.  And the piece de resistance?  The wrap-up on a Torgerson Guitar by Dr. Price, with his adapted version of American Pie.

2 thoughts on “Another Beautiful Meeting

  1. Thanks for sharing. I really missed being there. Glad to hear Robin’s song. I will be there next year. Haven’t missed many meetings so I really felt weird about not being with all my friends.

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