A Part to Which We Can Cling

Hand Written Note

Dear Optometry Family:

On March 21, 2018 as many of you know, our dad, Irwin Suchoff passed away. We knew what a horrible loss and void this would leave in our family and the sadness we felt then and still feel today is hard to put in words. However, what we did not realize was the impact his passing would have also on so many others, specifically, his past colleagues, students, and others across the intimate and extended Optometric family. My family wishes to thank you all for the expression of sympathy, thoughts and prayers we received over the past several weeks. The messages and sentiments relayed to us about our dad, are humbling and helped bring us peace and optimism during a very sad time. Our family will be in Denver in June to accept the award for our dad on the honor of being inducted into the National Optometry Hall of Fame. If you are in Denver, and you have a story to share, we hope we get the opportunity to meet you. Again, thank you for the kindness, and as I said in my dad’s eulogy, we are all better people because of Irwin Suchoff.

With kind regards,

Andrew and Sandra Suchoff
Patti and Scott Nietman

I received the beautiful note above in the form of an email from Irwin’s family yesterday, who asked that I share it with you.  Reading it enables us to have one more moment, and one more part of Irwin to which we can cling.

Further information about Irwin’s forthcoming induction into the National Optometry Hall of Fame is referenced here.

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