A New Hall of Fame Inductee

It seems to me a crime that we should age

These fragile times should never slip us by …

Just returned from a beautiful memorial tribute to our friend and mentor, Dr. Irwin Suchoff.  Held in Braintree, Massachusetts, the small service of family friends and colleagues uniting us with Irwin’s children Patti & Scott, Andrew & Sandra, and his three grandchildren.  It was a touching blend of farewell and reminiscing from a few of his professional colleagues (Dr. Jack Richman, yours truly, and Dr. Neera Kapoor) and his family (Patti & Scott Nietman and Andrew Suchoff).



At a gathering at Andrew’s house following the service, he and Patti advised us that Irwin will be posthumously inducted into the National Optometry Hall of Fame at this year’s meeting of the American Optometric Association in Denver, Colorado.

National Optometry Hall of Fame

Here is the announcement released on April 5, complete with an extensive biography on the AOA website.  It is a fitting and frankly long overdue tribute to Irwin, and I had the immediate impulse to email him or call to congratulate him on the news.  Instead, I’m sharing it with you – and hope that many of you can make it to the Hyatt Regency @ Colorado Center in Denver on June 21 to raise a glass in tribute to our incomparable friend and mentor.

2 thoughts on “A New Hall of Fame Inductee

  1. Hi—wish I could have been there honoring my dear friend Irwin; I used to have long chats with him 1 or 2 times per week on both professional and personal issues. His induction into the Optometry Hall of Fame is most fitting. I’m sure there were many “Irwin” stories to be told by Lenny, Jack, and Neera, as well as his friends and family.

  2. The memorial service in Woodstock, GA was special for me. And I wish I could be at the AOA for the Irwin toast. Alas, that is not to be for me. W.C. and David Cook and I toasted him with one of his favorites, the Manhattan. Love you all, Bethie

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