Fixing My Gaze – Going Dutch

In a previous blog I wrote that Sue Barry’s Fixing My Gaze ranks as one of the most significant contributions to optometry, vision science, and optometric vision therapy in our lifetime, and that it is certainly the best book ever written by a non-optometrist on the subject.   Dr. Barry continues to be indefatigable in fielding inquiries about her experiences from individuals around the world, and helping them find capable practitioners.  The international reach of her message warrants that the book be published in as many languages as possible.  That, as you can imagine, is a difficult undertaking.


I first encountered Brussels-based Michael Lievens online through his Livingwithdiplopia blog spot that morphed into Strabismus World, and I’m delighted to announce that Michael has set out to translate Fixing My Gaze into Dutch.  In this YouTube video, he describes his challenges as a young individual who underwent strabismus surgery unsuccessfully.  It was not until he read Sue Barry’s book, at a low point in his life, that he began to understand his strabismus and learned about the availability of optometric vision therapy.  Because the book made such a profound difference in his life, and gave him optimism for the future, Michael would like to help others in Belgium and the Netherlands make an informed decision about their treatment options.

I was moved by Michael’s passion for this undertaking, and his determination to enable Fixing My Gaze to have the same impact on fellow Dutch speakers for whom the English language is opaque.  He is doing this with Sue Barry’s full endorsement.  Assembling a team of translators and getting to print is costly even with others volunteering their time, so when I learned that Michael was setting up an Indiegogo page to help fund the effort I was pleased to contribute.  Please join me in donating whatever you can to this project, and thank you in advance for your consideration.  The link to the page is here.

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