New Initiative -The VisionHelp Vision and Learning Project collaborative solutions to reading and learning problems

As parents we all want the best for our children and when they struggle to read, learn or grow academically there can be frustration and worry about what to do to find help.

Since vision is the dominant sensory system through which we read, learn and grow academically, vision care professionals need to be involved to identify any problems involving the eyes and vision and remediate and prevent the struggle that occurs when poorly developed vision or a neurological event, such as a concussion, interferes with learning.

However, reading and learning problems can be multifactorial and therefore, when a child is having academic struggles it is important to consider that for many, a professional “team approach,” working together for the common good of the patient, will help ensure the best opportunity for learning. A partnership is developed between the parents and these professionals.

To help parents and professionals, the VisionHelp Group is pleased to announce the release of the latest VisionHelp Initiative, the VisionHelp Vision and Learning Project which provides:

  • Help for parents to learn more about the symptoms and behaviors that may indicate a learning related visual problems…and what can be done
  • Help for professional partners to learn more about well-designed screening protocols and research studies that will help integrate children with learning related visual problems into their clinical practice
  • Help for vision care providers to gain immediate access to the evidence based, best practice protocols for evaluating children and adults to ensure that they are prepared for optimal learning

Dan L. Fortenbacher, O.D., FCOVD

2 thoughts on “New Initiative -The VisionHelp Vision and Learning Project collaborative solutions to reading and learning problems

  1. Dan and everyone in the Vision Help Group,
    This is an excellent contribution, a centralized information source for all those who have questions and would like more information.

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