A World of Visual Uncertainty

Visual Uncertainty

Nicola McDowell is co-author of a paper published in Vision Development & Rehabilitation that provided a phenomenal review of posterior parietal visual dysfunction.  Perhaps it would have gained even more traction had the article been entitled: “Living in a World of Visual Uncertainty”.

I was introduced to the phenomenal resource of CVI Scotland, and the extensive applications of Cortical Visual Impairment theory and practice by Dr. Barry Kran.

CVI Scotland Logo

Dr. Kran authored a guest blog on CVI Scotland last week, and an editorial comment made during the course of a companion interview jumped out at me:

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 9.00.28 AMLet that last thought percolate:  The diagnosis of CVI may be appropriate in some children with good to excellent acuity, but who are not able to navigate space and/or read without masking or enlargement.  Trust me.  Its implications are profound.

3 thoughts on “A World of Visual Uncertainty

  1. Len,
    Thank you for bringing us this fascinating information. I often regret that we no longer use our Harrington-Flocks screener which was the field instrument that we used when I started in the practice, looking for extinction. I had not seen the term “emulation” before and it reminds me of Skeffington’s emergent.

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