Harry Wayne: Back to the Future

Harry & Elaine Wayne

News travelled quickly yesterday, among the vision therapy community, that Harry Wayne had passed away.  Harry was 97 years old, and widely recognized for the eponymous Wayne Saccadic Fixator (WSF).  Along with his wife Elaine, he exhibited his products every year at the annual meeting of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development, ranging from the WSF to the Perceptuomotor/Talking Pen, to the Directional Sequener, and other electronic gadgets galore.  He was a real-life Doc Brown with a degree in engineering and a passion for invention.

A couple of years ago, Eyecarrot purchased Wayne Engineering and preserved Harry’s legacy videographically.   It seems trite to say, about legends who pass, that they aren’t making them like that any longer.  That isn’t a mere platitude in Harry’s case.  He was so extraordinary at what he did, and such a unique contributor to the success of many therapy practices, that it’s unlikely we’ll see anyone of his caliber again in our lifetime.   He is already dearly missed.

5 thoughts on “Harry Wayne: Back to the Future

  1. So true. I was fortunate to know him and use his equipment. Any problems with it just call Harry. I looked forward to seeing them both each year and hear Harry enthusiastically explain his newest ideas. We were blessed to have him in our lives.

  2. Harry was a wonder. He was a great help in putting the theoretical into practice. As for the DeLorean, there is onsitting in the garage of our condo in Toronto. It must be in operating order.

  3. Harry and Elaine were the most giving couple to functional optometry in so many ways. When the AOA formed a Sports Vision Section, they were so gracious with their time allowing us to use their equipment at numerous Sports Vision screenings; with the US Olympic committee at the Colorado Springs facility including the 1980 Miracle on Ice Hockey Team. They came early to set up and stayed late packing up. The Section offered to pay expenses, which they refused for at least a half dozen events.
    They always helped repair any issues immediately,shared their technical knowledge, and asked how could improve their equipment.
    Harry will be missed Our condolences to Elaine.
    Arnold Sherman OD

  4. Len,
    Thank you for sharing the news and your thoughts. Harry helped us to enhance the quality of our care and, thereby, helped to promote vision therapy so more people would needed care would be aware of its existence.

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