Pride and Prejudice

Pride & Prejudice Cover

The title is suggestive of the Jane Austen novel, but it’s a novella of the kind that is written in practices all across the country, every week if not every day.  Do you recall the prejudices of the surgeons I referenced a couple of weeks ago? (“ET From Another Planet“.)

I wish I had taken a “before” photo of Johnny’s significant left esotropia and abduction deficit when he first came to our office six months ago.  He could barely move the left eye out beyond midline.  Mother is ecstatic that Johnny now has only a small residual left esotropia, as seen in this photo taken in our office a few days ago.


Mom and I feel that in addition to the active abduction calisthenics and peripheral awareness procedures we have been doing, his active participation in “astronaut training” (mom does it with him several times per week) has been a significant adjunct to his progress.  Johnny’s abduction ability with his left eye has improved tremendously!


Mom and I had another great conversation following Johnny’s last progress evaluation.  As annoyed as she was with the pediatric ophthalmologist’s arrogance when he mocked her for what she was doing (“he’ll never see in 3D”; “I don’t know why he wears those glasses – they’re useless”; “did insurance pay for your therapy?” — yada, yada), she now takes pride in the decision that she made to stick with therapy and not be dissuaded by the doctor’s prejudices.


2 thoughts on “Pride and Prejudice

  1. Hi—wonderful case—BNO is such a great clinical tool here, as well as in mTBI with VMS, and elsewhere!! Just mentioned BNO (and BTO) in my 3rd yr BV clinical course wrt strab.—ken

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