OEP Vision Therapy/Vision Therapist Monographs

Another recent gem from the DOC-L list involved discussion about the OEP series oriented toward vision therapists.  Although written over twenty years ago, much of the material remains as timely today as when it first appeared.  It is an impressive and useful resource.  Linda Sanet commented: “I was on a committee for OEPF with some other Vision Therapists. We met during the Oregon CE meeting at Pacific University and came up with the idea of these monographs – each one on a single topic. Originally they were intended for Vision Therapists only – but to our amazement, became well known enough that ODs requested them also.”

I’m one of those ODs who values that series of softbound volumes, and they are still available via the OEPF website.  Here is the complete inventory, hyperlinked to their titles below:


OEP VT VergenceOEP VT Visual PerceptionOEP Tools of Behavioraloep vt prismsoep vt behavioral issuesoep vt vision screeningsoep vt communicatingoep vt hot topicsoep vt accommodationoep vt amblyopiaoep vt infant & toddleroep vt brain injuredoep vt psychology

Nonstrabismic Vergence Problems

Visual Perception

Tools of Behavioral Vision Care: Lenses, Occluders, Filters

Tools of Behavioral Vision Care: Prisms

Behavioral Issues

Vision Screenings

Communicating Effectively

Hot Topics

Focusing On Accommodation


Infant & Toddler Vision

Working With The Brain Injured


3 thoughts on “OEP Vision Therapy/Vision Therapist Monographs

  1. These little gems work beautifully for the COVT process because one can read several articles on a concentrated topic….VERY helpful for preparing one’s Open Book Questions.

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