mTBI Rehabilitation Toolkit

mTBI Rehab Tookit Cover

There is a nice chapter on Vision Assessment and Intervention co-authored by our colleague, Dr. Mitchell Scheiman, together with several OTs, that came to mind while answering a question from a colleague (than you, Linda Sanet, COVT).  Aside front the fact that the chapter is loaded with good information and is well organized, it also emphasizes that the role of the O.T. is in screening for visual deficits and in implementing treatment only in collaboration with the optometrist, rather than being done independently.

Although I’ve embedded the link to the chapter above, it is contained in a gem of a spiral bound book from the Department of Defense (DOD), Army Medical Department (AMEDD), The Borden Institute.  The book can be obtained at a 50% discount (bargain price of $32.50) through the U.S. Government Bookstore.



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