3D Video Clips for Home Viewing

Dr. Kavita Malhotra compiled a nice list 3D videos to be viewed with red blue/cyan glasses as a home therapy activity.  She writes: “I like free space work, but for some patients will supplement with these 3D videos for home reinforcement along with other procedures. I like patients to reach out and localize objects they see floating out of the screen.  Ideally, the parents have a pair of the glasses, and can monitor where the child is reaching out and engaging with the child. Some parents are unable to see 3D, and others I know let the kids watch them without supervision  … I have parents buy the red blue/cyan glasses from Amazon. I think they are US $1.66 a pair.”

Here are some selections from Dr. Malhotra’s list, with a caution that some are a little “freaky”:

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