Customer Review of ACiVT iBook

AciVT iBook Cover

A public thank you to Logan Oostdyk, a student at Grand Rapids Community College, who took the time to write the following five star review of ACiVT in the iTunes store:

“I am a 21 year old college student who recently started receiving in-office Vision therapy from a local Behavioral Optometrist to address my binocular vision problems which went untreated throughout my childhood.
This book has been extremely informative and enlightening for me personally. For the first time in my life I am learning information that actually explains in depth the visual issues and related problems and frustrations that I’ve experienced throughout my life.
I bought this ibook about 3 weeks ago, and even though some of the information is above my level to understand and utilize, I really enjoy reading it. The features in the iPad version are very convenient and helpful for me; the embedded web links, the ability to search and view definitions in the page, ect make this very “user friendly”.
I believe this book is comprehensive in scale and well organized in format, it’s something that should benefit the professional doctor or therapist as well as the student or patient with a desire to learn.
Since I started dramatically benefiting from receiving vision therapy, I have become totally fascinated with learning as much as possible about it. This book has definitely helped me in that goal.”

Logan Oostdyk

Outstanding!  If you have purchased the ACiVT iBook, and would care to write your own review for the iTunes Preview, I would be most appreciative.  You can access the link here.

2 thoughts on “Customer Review of ACiVT iBook

  1. I quickly want to thank Dr. Angela Sanders at Academy of Vision Development in Grand Rapids, MI! Dr. Sanders is a joy to deal with. She is very knowledgeable, and I can tell that she takes the necessary time to understand each patients individual needs and goals to construct the most effective and appropriate VT plan for each patient. I’ve only been in the VT program for 11 weeks, but I’ve been making steady progress and I’ve been informed and encouraged every step of the way by Dr. Sanders and also the awesome people online in the Facebook groups (DIY Vision Therapy, and Vision Therapy Parents Unite). The close relationship between the patient and their therapist/OD and also the sense of community between people in the online groups is really a new and cool experience for me. Every person in this whole “community” I’ve talked to so far has been exceptional. This makes me want to stick around long after I finish with my own VT. 🙂

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