Dr. Jack Runninger Goes Out in Style

Runninger with Borish & Milder

There he is on your left, adjacent to his refractive friends and giants, Drs. Irv Borish (Clinical Refraction) and Ben Milder (The Fine Art of Prescribing Glasses Without Making a Spectacle of Yourself).  A genius of written communication in his own right, Dr. Runninger wrote his own obituary, in his inimitable style, which was published in the Rome News-Tribune following his death on Friday at the age of 93.

I was greatly honored to have Dr. Runninger write the forward to a book I co-authored.  It was published 15 years ago, but his humor is timeless.  Since the book is out of print, thought I’d share what he wrote as a small way of honoring his gift of lending humor to serious subjects.  What a self-effacing gentleman Jack was, and I already miss him considerably.






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