Amblyopia success…A family’s amazing vision therapy journey

When it comes to the topic of Amblyopia or “lazy eye”,  the VisionHelp Blog is a good resource for the latest information on diagnosis and advanced treatment. All you have to do is click here for a plethora of our posts!

But, how can you describe the emotional and personal experience that a family goes through, beginning when they first learn that their child has amblyopia followed by the entire process of going through vision therapy? Nothing could possibly say it better than this wonderful heartfelt video, produced by the parents of one of my patients, who wanted to help share their family’s amazing journey and lessons learned about vision therapy with the world. This is their child’s vision therapy success story. Many thanks to Chris and Cindy! 

For more information on the latest advanced treatment for Amblyopia check out VisionHelp Amblyopia Project.

Dan L. Fortenbacher, O.D. FCOVD


6 thoughts on “Amblyopia success…A family’s amazing vision therapy journey

  1. Greatest video EVER! Chris and CIndy, you are going to be required viewing at our practice. Loved the views of your very creative playroom and home, and the imagination you employed with Hobie was so fun to watch….I’m going to take a cue from your playbook. Oh, and Cheryl, my friend and fellow COVT, you are looking GOOD! And Hobie, you are a hard worker and so much fun to watch acting in your very own movie!

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