iBook (not Eye Book)

I’m excited about having just put the finishing touches on the new iBook version of Applied Concepts in Vision Therapy  (ACiVT).  The principal addition to ACiVT over prior editions is the inclusion of new blog pieces as postscripts at the end of each chapter.  I was originally inspired to do this by the feel and utility of epilogues at the end of each original research paper co-authored by Hubel & Wiesel, published in the book Brain and Visual Perception.  I have also updated the material through hyperlinks in the original chapters.

Brain & VP

From yesterday’s OEPF e-Trackings:

ACiVT - iBook Cover


Applied Concepts in Vision Therapy (ACiVT) by Dr. Press is now available as an iBook. It can be purchased from the iTunes store in over 50 countries:


Considered the classic text on the subject, the iBook edition contains embedded links to referenced papers and other resources. Most importantly, there is new and unique content written by Dr. Press in the form of ACiVT blogs solely for the iBook, keyed to the content of each chapter.
The regular price is $39.99 or equivalent, but is available for a limited time – until June 30th – at a special introductory price of $29.99!
The Applied Concepts in Vision Therapy iBook will continue to evolve, with videos, images, and other new content. Once you buy the iBook, you will be able to download all updates for free. It can be accessed on any device linked to your Apple ID.

The iBook can be read on any Apple device, be it Mac, iPad, or iPhone. It cannot be read on other tablets or computers.

Questions can be directed to: publish@ridgevue.com

4 thoughts on “iBook (not Eye Book)

  1. good morning dr. press. i recently attended your workshop in parsippany nj. it was very informative and learned a lot. i cannot find the hardcopy of my workshop manual. can you send me another one please? thanks. susan weiner-hand


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