Melissa, Montana, Dyslexia …

Melissa Horse

Always great to hear from former Residents, as it was the other day when Dr. Melissa Kendall shared her experiences in Montana.  Although she knows how to horse around, Dr. Kendall has a serious side.   Her vision therapy antennae perked up when she came across this news item from Microsoft and their Immersive Reader.  It is part of their One Note suite of learning modules, and its applications for struggling readers are promising.

Immersive Reader is now available through Office Lens for use with Apple products.  A strong target group for this technology is children who have been diagnosed with dyslexia.

What caught Dr. Kendall’s eye was the touted benefits of One Note and in particular, the ability to use the technology to reduce the effects of visual crowding by increasing the spacing between letters and words through Immersive Reading.

Benefits of Immersive Reading

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