Yearly Euphoria

2017 marks the 37th consecutive year that Miriam and I have attended the annual COVD meeting and for us, as for so many of you, it has become a professional highlight of the year.  Ranging from the Applied Concepts Courses prior to the meeting, to the opening Wednesday evening VDR symposium, to great CE courses, posters, exhibits, Banquet, and Awards Luncheon, it was a marvelous meeting coordinated by Executive Director Pam Happ and the COVD staff (Katie, Gio, and Kris in particular).  As always, Dr. Dominick Maino ably captured many of the moments with his trusty camera.

Points of personal privilege and pride included:

  1. Dr. Daniel Press inducted as President-Elect of the organization.
  2. Dr. Nicole Kress (former Resident) inducted as a Fellow of COVD.
  3. Dr. Maura Massucci (former Extern) chairing Elsevier’s “My Approach” session.
  4. Participating in the Past Presidents’ conga line with Dr. Tannen for the first time.





So mark your calendars now for what is sure to be another euphoric Annual COVD meeting from April 10 – 14, 2018, at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue, Washington.


2 thoughts on “Yearly Euphoria

  1. COVD 2017 in Jacksonville, FL, was a terrific meeting. A big part of that is spending time with long-time personal friends, meeting so many new, young doctors who are getting started in developmental vision care, and listening to programs like the two on Wednesday evening. The first on visual skills among up and coming baseball players, a long term project that follows them over many years, and the second, Dr. David Cook and Dr. Samantha Slotnick on the importance of understanding and using vocabulary used by strabismic patients, for whom their therapy can easily be confused by misunderstood words. What a pleasure.

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