A Toast to New Beginnings

You may recall that a few weeks ago I wrote that reports of my retirement are premature, though rumors that I was “retiring” stemmed from the impending sale of our practice.  I’m pleased to share that we have now finalized the sale to a “power couple” who mirror how Miriam and I managed things over the course of a wonderful 32 year run as owners.  They are Dr. Laura Knapp and Justin Knapp, proud new owners of the Visual Performance and Learning Center, P.C.  I will remain with the practice seeing patients as a consultant – essentially functioning on the same basis that I have been over the past several years – though without the day-to-day management responsibilities.  Miriam and I are delighted that Laura and Justin sought us out as mentors, and want to continue the legacy that we have built through the practice.

Prior to entering Optometry, Dr. Knapp worked for Dr. Michael Gallaway as an optometric vision therapist.  Enamored with the way in which vision therapy changed lives, she enrolled in the Pennsylvania College of Optometry where I first had the pleasure of encountering Laura as an extern in my practice in 2010.  After graduating in 2011, Dr. Knapp ultimately began caring for vision therapy patients in Virginia but maintained the desire to have her own practice, and to move back to New Jersey.  During a break in Bob Sanet’s vision therapy course early last year, Laura looked online in the Practice Opportunities section of the COVD website literally the day after I posted our practice opportunity.  She couldn’t believe the good fortune of her timing, and the process of getting to where we are today began.

All parties involved learned a considerable amount in going through this process, and we  will be sharing the journey with you in the anticipation that others will find it of interest  and beneficial.  But for now, a simple toast to new beginnings!


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