Kids Say The Darndest Things


Menachem has refractive amblyopia of the right eye due to hyperopia (farsightedness) being significantly greater in that eye as compared to the left eye.  We gave him his first prescription three months ago, and his mother was back today sharing her excitement at how much he has blossomed at school.  Significant gains in visual function can be made with the appropriate Rx alone.  But there comes a time when those gains plateau, and it’s fine to add a little quality time patching, or MFBF to the mix.


I wanted to help 5 year-old Menachem understnad that, as much the right eye had improved, we wanted to make it even better!  I placed a patch over this left eye, and covered his right eye triumphantly with my hand to make sure that he couldn’t see anything (both eyes now being occluded).  It usually gets a chuckle from kids, as they acknowledge “nothing!”,  but Menachem got the better of me today.  Here was the brief exchange:

Me: “Okay, Menachem, what do you see now?”


Menachem: “Your hand”.

Clever kid, that Menachem …





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