One Year Later

It’s very gratifying when parents write positive “success stories” after their child has completed optometric vision therapy.  Yet in some instances the changes don’t become fully apparent until months or even years after completion of therapy.  After all, many of the children who come to us are already lagging behind significantly in their development, and their achievement gap widens exponentially each year.  In developing vision to its fullest potential, optometric vision therapy helps the child make up for lost time in vision development, bootstrapping transfer to academic performance.


Awhile back, our VisionHelp Group came up with the idea of sending out a form to parents one year after the completion of the vision therapy program, asking them to update their experiences in the ensuing time.  As with all of our success stories, we obtain the parents’ permission to share their experiences.  Getting forms back like the below make the effort all worthwhile.  We ask one of our therapists read these “one year post” success stories at our morning staff meetings.  Read it and smile:


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