Cataract Surgery Re-Visited: Part 3


Another beautiful day in the visual neighborhood, second day post-op.  A little afternoon dryness, so confidence factor on auto-refraction slipped to a couple of 7s with an 8, in contrast to yesterday’s straight 8s.  Yesterday’s numbers were -0.75-1.00 cx 23, and today’s winning numbers were -1.00-0.75 cx 172, just enough of a shift toward more myopia that my unaided distance acuity in the right eye dipped to 20/20 from 20/15.  Still a bionic eye to me, while my left eye does the heavy lifting for near.


More pleasant surprises about my binocular continuum within the range of uni-clairty.  I experienced easy and stable fusion on Keystone Visual Skills at distance and near.  Stereopsis was full on RDE targets at near, and to 40 seconds of arc on Wirt Circles.  Stereopsis was acute at distance on my favorite target.   Red Maddox Rod in free space showed zero vertical and horizontal phoria, and a very mild exo drift.  Associated phoria was nil in both directions, with lovely fusional vergence ranges.

Along with John Berger (who passed away at age 90 last month), I find myself after cataract surgery on my second eye obsessed with ways of looking and with ways of seeing.



4 thoughts on “Cataract Surgery Re-Visited: Part 3

    • Thanks, Jim. Obviously you can co-manage hundreds or even thousands of patients with cataract, but until you go though the experience of developing them, then the decision on how to manage it refractively/prosthetically, and “from the other side of the chair”, you have only an impression of what it’s like to have the perspective of the patient. It’s kind of like going through optical puberty all over again …

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